21 of the Most Popular Gaming Influencers on YouTube

Other streamers have filmed themselves committing apparent crimes, like trespassing and sexual assault. Let’s compile the top 5 Twitch streamers from the provided list, considering the number of followers. SPORT 1, formerly known as DSF (Deutsches Sportfernsehen), is a popular German free-to-air television channel dedicated to sports programming. With a rich history dating back to its inception on January 1, 1993, SPORT1 has also established its presence on YouTube since January 14, 2006. One notable aspect of SPORTSNET is its extensive coverage of various sports.

  • You can call him a Grand Theft Auto gamer who made a name for himself on YouTube by presenting comedy storylines from the famous video game.
  • “NG Slot” is a YouTube channel exclusively dedicated to sharing captivating casino and slot machine content.
  • The main platforms used by these gaming influencers are YouTube, Instagram and Twitch, where they have managed to accumulate millions of followers.
  • Joining a community has several benefits, including the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who can assist you in your quest to become a famous gamer.
  • Indeed, gamers are the new idols of the digital era and amass millions of views on their YouTube channels.
  • This surge of influencer content has caused a shift in marketing strategies for game developers, publishers, and agencies across the world.

Many of the videos he uploads feature him gaming with his friends, many of whom are popular YouTube gamers. The trio has had successful Brand Collabs with several big names including AboutSlots. Those who enjoy live streaming will have a great time checking their page and brands interested in plugging their gambling-related services can also work with Casino Daddy. Because of his trustworthy reviews, RocknRolla was sponsored by Big Win Board, a platform that is all about giving reviews on the best casinos and online slot games that vary from country to country. Most of Francine’s audience is American, however, she works with international brands as well. She is very active on social media and regularly shares videos on YouTube with some of them already clocking millions of views. This French streamer has been enjoying a variety of game experiences but tries to maintain a strong and funny link with their community.

How an Instagram influencer has booked over $700,000 in brand deals in 2021

He’d been winning big, sometimes as much as $400,000 in crypto in one fell swoop, and he never seemed to go broke. You could argue that the most popular gamer of them all is PewDiePie – he made his name producing videos of him playing games and commenting on his play. He’s been in the business for quite some time and can be a great pick for new players wanting to learn the art of online gambling. Start by watching his influential videos on how to choose the right website to try your luck.

Top gambling influencers and streamers

In the beginning, he called it The Diamond Minecart (hence the TDM in the channel’s current name). He sometimes appears as Wilfred Warfstache, complete with a pink mustache. But the platform sparked a furor in September when it revealed it would strip some of those streamers of their 70/30 cuts. While most depend on luck, you might be able to learn a trick or two by following top gambling personalities. Know where to draw a line and make sure to be aware of local laws since betting is still not legal everywhere. Take a look at her Instagram profile and you will realize that the stunner is also a model. She has over 1.7k followers on Instagram and a bio that talks about her passion for gambling.

Other statistics that may interest you Online video in the United Kingdom (UK)

Mainly focused on League of Legends, Horror, and Cooking games, she is a unique contrast to most content creators. Blending video game footage with occasional real-life streams, she has crafted a community built on shared experiences and good vibes. When marketing a title that needs a personal touch, Nieuczesana may have what your next campaign needs. DanTDM started streaming his gaming content live on Twitch, a video-streaming platform that allows people to watch gamers play their favorite titles. This worked out in his favor as he could now maximize his revenue net worth through endorsements, subscriptions, advertisements, and donations. Most gaming influencers use platforms like YouTube, Discord, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitch to connect with their audiences.

With their rich experience in this field and the ability to connect to their followers, influencer marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways in which brands can target their niche consumers. Additionally, social engagement rates during COVID-19 have increased manifold, with YouTube seeing a rise of +500% during the February-June Period. This suggests potential resilience in the gaming industry, including the importance of the role played by gaming influencers in keeping the industry alive.

Most interestingly, you’ll find him on Twitter, where his gaming-related questions get his audience discussing. Gaming top influencers are people who have a large following in the gaming community and use their influence to promote games and gaming-related content. These gaming top personalities may produce their content, such as videos or live streams, or they may promote games by playing them and providing commentary. Some gaming top influencers also work with game developers to help create marketing materials or test new games. UK-based Alia Marie Shelesh proves video games isn’t just boy’s territory as the top female gaming influencer– actually, one of the top YouTubers overall.

Robin Hood Gamer

Those who want more can even look at PayneInsider, where users can purchase membership plans and receive rewards for betting. However, remember that his main focus is basketball and football and you will not find much information on other sports. Those who want to know more about her personal life can follow her on Instagram where she talks about her life as a gambling influencer.

If you want to get a sense of what works well in the Gambling niche and get inspiration for your own Instagram content, keep an eye on them. You will even find information on the latest bonuses and promotions so you don’t miss out on a good opportunity. Brands interested in promoting online gambling services can work with influencer Dave as he mainly concentrates on digital casinos. The man has been sponsored by some well-known brands such as FanDuel Sportsbook and can be a great choice for brands interested in working with a gambling influencer with a focus on sports betting.

Twitch gaming streamers who play popular MMO games

Finally, to find gaming top influencers, you can use a tool like Followerwonk to find the most influential people following specific gaming accounts. Vikkstar123 is a popular British-Indian YouTube gamer who uploads videos featuring games like Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Battlefield, Among Us, Call of Duty, and https://1wincasino-ca.com/fr/jetx-canada/ others. Vikkstar123 has more than 7.16 followers on YouTube and is also a member of the Ultimate Sidemen. BoomSniper is a well-known Mexican gamer who is best known for his BoomSniper YouTube channel, which he began in February 2017. His Garena Free Fire gaming playthroughs have amassed over 998 million views.

List of the Top 10 Best Gaming Influencers for 2024

Then there are others such as IGN & Gamespot, who are known for their reviews. Apart from these, there are several individual influencers such a PewDiePie who post game playthroughs, taking their viewers along for a journey. There are also others such as Ninja or Shroud, who are known for their e-sports expertise in titles such as Fortnite and PUBG. Farfadox is a gaming-focused YouTube channel that primarily targets the Spanish-speaking audience. The channel excels in providing engaging gaming content, featuring gameplay videos of popular games like DEDsafio 2, Minecraft, Roblox, and more.

Most popular platforms for U.S. and British users to follow gaming influencers 2021

COVID-19 also led to an increase in game downloads by over 80% according to Comcast. My colleague Sydney Bradley spoke with Vaughn-Jefferson on how she makes money as a full-time influencer. YouTube is launching a new monetization 1win app for pc tool, called Super Thanks, as it competes to win over creators. My colleague Michael Espinosa and I highlighted some of the top managers and agents who have helped shape the world of gaming creators in 2021.






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