How To Play Spanish 21 Rules, Strategy & Tips

If the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you can choose to take insurance for half of your original bet. If the dealer does end up getting 21, you will be paid out 2-1. Various casinos offer Spanish 21, but not all have the same rules for this game.

  • If you analyze the chart and relate it with a regular blackjack strategy, you will notice a few exceptions, mainly due to the tens being dropped from the deck.
  • If you’re not completely new to blackjack, you’ll know that this difference does not favor the players.
  • It can be pretty easy to win huge sums on this game as long as you follow the right Spanish 21 strategy.
  • If you can manage to calculate the odds between your hand and the dealers, you’ll still be able to salvage at least half of your wager.
  • It is a detailed sheet that helps the player know which moves to take at the tables depending on the cards they have or the dealer’s card.

In Blackjack, the only thing that has an impact on each individual hand is the playing strategy of that individual. After receiving your first two cards, or on the first two cards of any split pair, you have the option of increasing your wager by "doubling down". To "double down" simply make an additional wager up to the amount of your original wager next to your original bet, and the dealer will deal you one additional card.

FAQ about Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a fast-paced variation of blackjack that has become increasingly popular. The main difference between Spanish 21 compared to blackjack is the removal of all 10’s in the decks. Jacks, Queens, and Kings remain, but all natural 10’s are removed from every deck used at the table. Now that you have some idea about the cards you are dealt during Spanish 21, it is equally important to know the ground rules. These are devised with the same principle – based on the original classic blackjack card game, with a few extra twists to give players some incentive. After all, the game creators needed to make up for what is Spanish 21’s greatest takeback – the lack of 10s in every card deck. Spanish 21 is a variation of blackjack, that in some cases is the best bet in the casino.

More Blackjack Information

Bearing in mind all the specific payouts for each potential hand you could be dealt during Spanish 21, the rewarding nature of the card game is more than evident. As long as you put some basic strategy for Spanish 21 gameplay, and follow the rules as accurately as possible, it is bound to be a rewarding experience. As it can be seen, aside from the standard card hand combinations and their payouts, the last few points listed above illustrate the specific bonus payouts players can win.

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The biggest difference between Spanish 21 and standard blackjack is the deck. While most blackjack-style games still use a 52-card deck, Spanish 21 uses a 48-card deck (the four tens are removed). While taking out the tens gives an advantage to the house, numerous other rules are in place to benefit the player. In fact, when properly played, Spanish 21 can offer some of the best odds at the casino.

Additionally, there are also bonus payouts for selected hands and from the looks of it, these can easily be scored. The game is one that everyone should try out, especially if you’re looking for an easy win against the dealer. The probability of hitting the Super Bonus is 1 in 668,382, with six decks, and 1 in 549,188 with eight decks. The reduction in the house edge depends on the bet amount, and to a lesser extent, the number of players. With no other players, and bets of exactly $5 or $25, the Super Bonus lowers the house edge by 0.030% in a six-deck game, and 0.036% in an eight-deck game. At a bet of exactly $5, the Envy Bonus lowers the house edge by an additional 0.0015% in a six-deck game, and 0.0018% in an eight-deck game, per additional player.

The player will save about 2.8% of the initial wager by hitting as opposed to standing. The dealers will advise against this play and the other players may curse the day you were born, but trust me, the odds favor hitting. The next table if for when the dealer hits a soft 17, redoubling is allowed, and the player has already doubled, which limits his options to stand, surrender, and double again. Blue Lake Casino offers a wide variety of exciting games that are fun to play and give you a great chance of winning a lot of money.

What’s the Difference?

The last notable difference between standard blackjack and Spanish 21 rules is reaching 21. Most other blackjack variants condition the players to push whenever they get this hand, but not Spanish 21. This rule also applies to situations where you and the dealer land this lucky number. Spanish 21 players are allowed to double down on any number of cards. In most casinos, players may also hit and double down after splitting aces. After doubling down, a player may also surrender by giving up his original bet.

Typically, players who have a hand valued at 11 will double down because there is a good chance that the next card could be a face card, taking them to 21. Doubling down means that you double your bet and you get only one more card. Once you know the basics of Blackjack, you know the basics of Spanish 21. However, there are some more advanced rules that you’ll want to learn to expand your options for winning and to enhance your enjoyment of the game. None of the side bets we’ve discussed can help unless you know when and how to use it properly. That’s why you must find a Spanish 21 strategy chart you can rely on.

This game is played on a custom table layout, with six to eight Spanish decks dealt from a shoe or CSM, depending on the casino. It features many player-friendly rules and relatively higher payouts than the original version. Spanish 21 is a version of Blackjack that balances a higher house edge with more play options, additional bonus prizes, and large potential payouts. The game follows the same basic rules as standard Blackjack, but with so many new choices and options, it’s best to learn as much as you can before playing.

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Spanish 21 is a blackjack-based game that plays very similarly to a standard blackjack game. There are lots of quirks to Spanish 21 that players love and very few downsides, making Spanish 21 an attractive game for both new and veteran blackjack players. Although most casinos online are inherently international, some of them specialize for certain markets.

Spanish 21 is similar to traditional Blackjack but with more options and payouts. One difference is that all numbered “10” cards are removed from the deck leaving 48 cards in each deck. Match the Dealer is another popular side bet that Spanish 21 features. It allows players to bet that one or both of their preliminary cards will match the dealer’s up-card. If you’re not completely new to blackjack, you’ll know that this difference does not favor the players. If you didn’t know any differently, you might think that these games are the same if you are just passing by. The game is dealt the exact same with all players getting two cards face up to start the hand, and the dealer getting one card face up and one card down.

While it isn’t always easy to find a Spanish 21 table, if you do find one on your next trip to the casino, you are going to want to sit down! Spanish 21 looks and plays very similar to normal blackjack, except that there are TONS of player-friendly rules. Spanish 21 is playable with six to eight 48-card decks with no 10s. Additionally, the decks shuffle in a random CMS (continuous shuffling machine), ensuring a fair outcome. Attempting to answer “how to win at Spanish 21”, Walker highlights counting cards as the best system for games of skills.

In a nutshell, you’re preventing potentially huge losses by taking the surrender move. So, as there are more payout options in the Hispanic option, players prefer it over standard blackjack. On the other hand, according to the same Spanish 21 rules, all the tens are removed from the shoe. In turn, theoretically speaking, the absence of tens gives the house advantage. If the dealer’s first dealt card is an Ace, King, Queen or Jack, the dealer will then place the player’s wager on top of the player’s cards. In the game of Spanish 21, the player has many options to choose from.

Unlike in regular blackjack, if both the player and the dealer have blackjack, the player’s hand is an automatic winner and is paid at odds of 3 to 2. Usually, the casino game is played using a custom table design that bears many similarities to that of Blackjack’s classic game. However, unlike other games, it eliminates MyStake Casino all suited 10 cards. Players are allowed to double down once on any two or more cards, with any total, even after splitting. When a player chooses to double down, he can place any bet up to a maximum of his original bet. Many prefer this variation of blackjack as the odds are stacked in the player’s favor.






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